In the year 2056 AD the Earth... The Ayn Rand Institute, with the aid of the reformed Mormon Tabernacle of Ouray, Colorado... a last-ditch attempt at saving the human race from the evils of socialism...


Math: The Final [Objectivist] Frontier

...being a good Objectivist, I knew that feelings are shit, and that, paraphrasing the words of Galt, " must live by his own mind... anyone that lives by his emotions is a mystic POS."...Unable to reconcile the guidance of the divine Rand, I consulted my magic-8-ball.
..."Is that what Ayn would want?"

The magic-8-ball said "Unclear."

...I screamed, "Don't you know anything! Matter is insoluble, and is the fundamental a priori of existance! That is the primacy of matieralism!"
"Actually, sir" he stammered, "matter isn't insoluble. It is frozen energy and spinning quarks."



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