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Zizek Exposed as Secret Ayn Rand Agent!

Randian Double-Agent Exposed!

Slavoj Zizek as a Reader of Rand

Secret Ljubljana Objectivist Cabal Included Strange Galt-Dagny-Rearden-esque Love Triangle...

From UK police secret wiretapping program, classified transcripts reveal Zizek's hidden past as a hypermodernist.  From an expose published by News of the World, (a Rupert Murdoch company):

Zizek: «All those books were purely ironic and those stupid mystics were too dull to comprehend it!  Now I am rich and will spring my uber-materialist trap on them!  How much real life is in fact fantasy in a Randian sense!  Mladen and Alanka and I will now leave you with the desolation of your subjectivism, where we will retire to our secret and well fortified bastion in the Urals.  Good riddance, and so on and so forth!»

Reaction from academia...Dismay among Kantians...Transcendentalism a farce declares Badiou...Brian Massumi: "I told you so"..

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