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An Objectivist Relativism in Deep Space? Help!

From the Hate Mail Inbox:

What follows is a message from someone presumably living somewhere in Southern California, where Reason is King, A is A, and spelling doesn't count.  Our (the royal We) best guess is someone independently wealthy, secular, and on the board of Ayn Rand Institute.

If anyone wants to take a shot at interpreting the relativist monism associated with the picture in question, please do.

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 3:24 PM, wrote:
C*******  G****** sent a message using the contact form at

www.*******.org/*** /

...ok.  Now whoever made this picture must be some irrational mystic non-thinking dolt.  For one, There are no mirrers [sic] in space.  Whoever made this is devoid of all reason and thus insane...

...why don't you stop slandering the Great author who commands audiences of tens of millions and who proves mans [sic] value?

*****  *****

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